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Performance Tuner Las Vegas

Performance Tuner Las Vegas

The total engine power output capacity is usually more than what a manufacturer expressly states. While there are many ways to increase the horsepower and torque of your car, most of them involve expensive modifications, additional parts and require a hefty time investment. On the other hand, Chip tuning offers a relatively more accessible and inexpensive way of increasing your car’s power.

What Is It?

Performance chips for cars are like software updates. A car uses an engine control unit or ECU to define your vehicle’s driving dynamics. Chip tuning introduces a few changes to the ECU through a program. It remaps how your ECU perceives your engine, improving characteristics such as boost pressure, fuel consumption, and ignition timing to get more performance from it. Chip tuning is possible for every automobile with an ECU, including tricks and motorcycles and heavy machinery such as tractors.

Why Should You Chip Your Car?

Chipping is the easiest way to get more performance from your car. Compared to adding a turbo boost or replacing an engine block, it offers the least invasive method of adding excitement to your vehicle.

The ECU comes limited for various reasons, the top of which is engine longevity. However, it fails to consider the climate conditions of your region or high octane fuels that have superior combustion qualities. Therefore, you can nudge the ECU to increase output by increasing turbocharging pressure by adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio. Depending on the success of this remapping, you can expect a performance surge of 30% on average. You will require no additional mechanical adjustments to the car.

Is It Safe?

Power programmers and tuners run thorough tests before releasing the chips. Highly trained automotive specialists research all the outcomes of chipping to the engine to ensure there are no compromises in safety. Therefore, there is no associated danger of tuning the car. Your car must be in excellent condition because chipping increases the risk of breakdowns of neglected vehicles. ECU remapping is not sensible if there are preexisting concerns with your engine. Some low-capacity engines are inherently limited and cannot produce more power, so you need to research your car’s engine before proceeding.


A few reasons support getting a performance chip for a car. It maximizes fuel efficiency, giving you more power to boot. This power increase translates into two things. First, it helps you clock higher speeds, pasts the speed limiter, and increases the power available at lower revs.

Chipping does not require you to buy any parts or make any replacements. It is cheap as it requires a laptop only to accomplish. While you might consider upgrading your tires or modifying bodywork to get a sportier appearance, these changes are unnecessary.

Power tuners and performance chips are not permanent. If you wish to revert the ECU to its stock settings, the tuner can restore factory settings and have your car back to its manufacturer state.

There are a few downsides to tuning. It interferes with a car’s engine, so it voids your warranty. It also puts your insurance at risk if you make the changes without notifying your provider.

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Performance Tuner Las Vegas

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