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Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair Clutch Repair

The clutch system is a crucial part of a car’s transmission. The clutch is a friction disc that enables a car to change gears by conducting and controlling the flow of power to the wheels from the engine via the transmission. The clutch suffers wear after being in use for an extended period, and when this happens, your car’s overall performance will start declining. If and when this happens, it is best to consult a professional auto mechanic shop for clutch repair.

Several factors may affect the longevity of your car’s clutch, including the car’s model, frequency of usage, and owner’s driving habits. Poor driving habits such as regularly neglecting to warm your car before use and using it to tow heavy loads causes stress to the clutch and transmission system and may cause clutch failure. A well-maintained and serviced clutch can last over 100,000 miles of driving. ATL Columbus provides clutch repair services for all brands and models of cars, so, if you live in or around Columbus, you no longer need to ask “where can I get good quality clutch repair near me”?

The following are some signs that can help you detect a faulty clutch.

Ease of Clutch Pedal Movement

If your pedal grows stiff and hard to move or weak, loose and unable to stand independently, you should consider taking your car to an auto repair experts who have the skill and the appropriate clutch repair kit to fix your clutch.

Unusual Vibrations and Noises

You may notice strange vibrations from your clutch system while you drive. Your clutch pedals might also throb or chatter.

Furthermore, you may notice weird noises such as sharp grinding, whimpering, squealing or shrieking sounds whenever you attempt to change between gears.

Clutch Malfunctions

When your clutch becomes faulty, your vehicle may fail to accelerate properly and in sync with your engine’s revving. You may also have difficulty changing gears or reversing your car. Moreover, your engine may become hesitant and your clutch may release with an unusually little amount of pressure. If your car exhibits any of these symptoms, you may have a case of clutch slippage on your hands. It is important to seek clutch plate replacement as soon as you can. We at ATL Columbus have all the clutch replacement parts you may need to get your car’s clutch functioning optimally again.


A malfunctioning clutch and transmission system means greater friction between the car’s gears and metals. This might give off a burning smell.

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