Argon Medical & Shockwave Medical Launch US Commercial Availability of New Medical Devices

Argon Medical and Shockwave Medical, two leading providers of medical device solutions, recently announced the full US commercial availability of their products to enhance the treatment of calcified cardiovascular disease.[0]

Argon Medical launched their Traveler Portal Vein Access Series to meet the needs of physicians accessing the portal vein through the liver during transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) procedures.[1] The series includes three versions, Traveler16, Traveler21, and Traveler38, which are available in the USA and Canada.[1] The Traveler16 needle is available as a 16 Gauge, the Traveler38 as a 0.038” stylet and the Traveler21 as a 21 Gauge Chiba needle.[1]

Shockwave Medical introduced the Shockwave L6 Peripheral IVL Catheter, which is purpose-built to modify calcification in otherwise difficult-to-treat lesions in large peripheral vessels, including the iliac and the common femoral arteries.[2] This catheter is available in the US, and its compact emitter configuration, in conjunction with four new device sizes (8, 9, 10 and 12mm diameters), enables effective delivery of sonic pressure waves in larger vessels.[2]

These products are intended to provide physicians with a choice of catheters optimized for the challenges of infrapopliteal, femoropopliteal and iliac arterial territories, thus improving patient outcomes.[0]

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