Advancing Patient Outcomes: Innovations in Medical Devices and Technologies

Shockwave Medical, Inc., a pioneer in the development of Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) to treat severely calcified cardiovascular disease, has announced the full U.S. commercial availability of the Shockwave L6 Peripheral IVL Catheter.[0] This catheter is purpose-built to modify calcification in otherwise difficult-to-treat lesions in large peripheral vessels, including the iliac and the common femoral arteries.[1] The L6 catheter enhances the company’s peripheral IVL portfolio, extending the size offerings of the Shockwave M5+ and Shockwave S4 catheters, to provide physicians with a choice of catheters optimized for the challenges of infrapopliteal, femoropopliteal and iliac arterial territories.[0]

Argon Medical Devices, a manufacturer of medical device solutions for interventional radiology, vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, and oncology, recently introduced its Traveler Portal Vein Access Series as the newest addition to its portfolio.[2] The products, which are intended for transjugular liver access in diagnostic and interventional procedures, are available in stylet and needle offerings to meet physician preference.[2] The Traveler16, Traveler21, and Traveler38 versions of the series are now available in the US and Canada.[2]

The Vermont National Guard began a two-week medical readiness exercise with their Senegalese partners in February 2023, while Aurora Cannabis has partnered with MedReleaf Australia to introduce new and innovative products to the Australian market.[3]

These developments all demonstrate the commitment to improving patient outcomes through the development of innovative medical devices and technologies. Through advancements in additive manufacturing, intravascular lithotripsy, and portal vein access, the medical device industry continues to push the boundaries for providing effective, safe, and efficient care for patients.

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